26 - Apr - 2017

Ravenna Street Festival


The 1st May Bridge, pass it on the Romagna Riviera, and celebrate the Ravenna Street Festival, together with your family, children and your dear friends. There are plenty of proposals waiting for you to meet road food and quality proposals, hosted at the public gardens that will give space to food trucks, where you can discover the specialties from every Italian region. Chianina hamburgers, roast beef, olives, fried, piadine, sandwiches, these are just some of the many proposals from the Ravenna Street Festival. And you will not miss the delicious regional specialties, such as Alto Murgia cheeses, Neapolitan sauerkraut, french fries but also typical from abroad. In fact, many gourmets and lovers of “street food” will arrive, not only from all over Italy, but also from abroad. “Open eyes” also on the concept of quality, thanks to the ingredients at km 0 and genuine and also space for the best proposals for vegetarians and vegans. Enrich the Ravenna Street Festival with artisan beers and music with concerts and live events!

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19 - Apr - 2017

InCozzati Mussel Festival of Cervia


Every year, on the occasion of the April 25 holiday is celebrated InCozzati Mussel Festival of Cervia, in a rustic village, specifically in Tagliata di Cervia. The event has five days to discover the local tradition, made up of excellent seafood and traditional recipes. The event always attracts a crowd of tourists, coming not only from Italy but also from abroad. For many stands throughout the event will offer the famous mussels in Cervia, served in a variety of ways, rigorously km 0. With mouth-watering recipes you can highlight the mussels Adriatic Romagna. InCOZZAti offers the best of local tradition, must for those who love sea food, but above all it is a great celebration, because in addition to food and local specialties, do not miss music and entertainment, with shows and entertainment for young and old. But still, concerts and craft proposals will be available for the entire duration of the festival.

If you love fish, the natural taste of Romagna and especially the mussels, do not miss this great event of the tradition and book now your stay at Cervia. Now that summer is approaching, it is even more motivating to book your stay at the hotel by the sea to enjoy the beautiful days at the beach and relaxing in the sun, about the long-awaited tan that will make the envy of friends and colleagues. The Family cervia hotel awaits you with many interesting proposals, not only in prices with the special children’s formula hotel for free, and all-inclusive hotel, but also with the taste and goodness of the dishes every day are brought to the table. The 3-star hotel is a plus service and comfort, both in the lobby and in the rooms, and is absolutely easy to reach, even for travelers, as served by all means and hotels with wi-fi to stay up in “contact” both for pleasure or for business!

12 - Apr - 2017

May 1 in the Adriatic coast


It is celebrated on May 1 in the Adriatic coast with a series of events that can cheer up and please everyone, young and old. In Cervia is held the International Kite Festival, which continues from the bridge 25 April and continues until 1 May. If we decide to visit the beautiful Ravenna, we will board, taste and street food with Ravenna Street Festival. The public gardens are home to many food truck where you can discover delicious proposals for true Italian street food, served to craft beers and delicious desserts. Until May also back Spring Marittima, the festival full of events involving Cervia, Pinarella and Milano Marittima throughout the course of Spring. Also in Cervia and Milano Marittima, are many events scheduled at this time as the Thai New Year, the festival celebrating the Song Kran in central Cervia, or the International Kite Festival, historic event in the beach of Pinarella dedicated to ‘ kite, or, egg art, the artistic Cervia Easter offering exhibits and workshops for children sculptures-eggs. And still many events will take place in Forlì, Cesena, Misano, Cattolica, Bellaria Igea Marina, San Marino, Riccione, Rimini, for a May 1st truly unforgettable!

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05 - Apr - 2017

23 th edition of the Month Billiards 2017


It opens in Cervia the new season dedicated to the 23 th edition of the Month Billiards 2017 on May 4 to 28 2017, and right to participate and attend the event, there are many tourists, fans and participants who book their stay at ‘ hotel Cervia, thanks to special offers and promotions at very affordable prices, even made the event coincide in order to facilitate everyone’s presence at the event. The event is held at the Palazzatto of Cervia Sport and the inauguration takes place on 4 May at 21:00. Among the main events we point out, as poster, on 4 May the European Cup Final / Final Championship Romagnolo Cue, on May 7, the Regional Championship Pairs Cue, on May 14 Poule Supp. Master Flasks / Camp. Regional Team Cue, on May 20, the 3rd round Masters Gorizia, on 20-21 May, the Italian Over 50s Championship, May 21 Poule Final Master Gorizia, May 21 Regional Championships Cue / Poule Supp. Master Gorizia, on May 27 Italian Championship Him & Her, on May 28, the Italian Championship Mixed Team-Star Romagna. A very busy calendar of races as in every edition really give you a lot of emotions.

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29 - Mar - 2017

The bridge April 25 Cervia


Approaching the bridge April 25 Cervia, an opportunity to start to get to the heart of the summer thanks to the many opportunities for fun and relaxation that the beautiful town offers. They are part of the Bridge of April 25th, the many appointments Maritime Spring, an exhibition dedicated to the summer with a full program of events. But without doubt, the most anticipated event is like every year, the one devoted to the international kite festival starring the beach of Pinarella. Here come together the greatest experts in the world in the field are manageable with flight demonstrations, kites of all shapes and colors and sporting events. One unmissable spectacle for the whole family, including children, who thanks to the workshops can learn to build their beautiful and colorful kites in the sky and make them dart along with all their friends. But the bridge on April 25, you live in the entire Adriatic coast, Cesenatico, for example, returns the Market of Sails, event held at the port channel, a classic market with craft proposals, gastronomy and local product, which each year attracts tourists from all over Italy and abroad.

Do not miss this wonderful opportunity to celebrate spring with all your loved ones in the beautiful Cervia and book now your stay at the family hotel cervia, where you’ll find many tailored services, joy and fun and big savings of the special dedicated to families formula hotel children free. But this is also an opportunity to visit the parks of the Adriatic Coast and live fantastic adventures hotel close to parks, an agreement with the most beautiful parks and most fun of the Romagna. The hotel is located in a strategic location, easy to reach and well served, also stay at the hotel near the center, is very convenient for attending events, play sports, to do shopping and to your favorite activities to do on vacation!

22 - Mar - 2017

Shows Market Spring Floral


With the arrival of summer, the Adriatic Coast presents the beautiful and evocative shows Market Spring Floral. A passion for many tourists who come for the occasion, from all over Italy and from abroad, to live with his family and friends, this magic moment, waiting for the big summer to live in the beautiful Cervia. And just in the beautiful town, spring is always enriched by an event that takes place even during all summer: this is Cervia Garden City, large floral display that also involves the cities of Milano Marittima, Pinarella and Tagliata. Ravenna also has its special Spring, with the event Dungeon Wonders, event held in the gardens of Ravenna during the May month and offering a whole week to discover the green corners of the city with a program of events dedicated to the life all ‘open air. If you like to visit other cities in bloom in the Romagna Riviera, we recommend Catholic in Fiore, the Island of Strange and Spring Markets in Bellaria Igea Marina, Florea in San Marino, while in Rimini, is renewed every year the appointment with Marina Center in bloom. Another important event in the Rimini area is to Balconi Fioriti, in Santarcangelo di Romagna and Saluserbe, Saludecio traditional event on the occasion of the April 25 Bridge.

Many events but also many savings opportunities for those who book a stay at the family hotel cervia. tailored services, comfort in the rooms and in the lobby, delicious and renowned cuisine, are only some of the proposed 3-star hotel Cervia. Take advantage now of the special all inclusive hotel formula and you will live your dream holiday in the name of convenience. The hotel near the sea allows everyone to achieve maximum relaxation and comfort, with many ideas for the entertainment of the whole family, and for those who love sports, activities and a tan begins the season to book at once ‘ hotel near the beach!

15 - Mar - 2017

Sagra del Tartufo of Pineta


One of the events that are held every year in Ravenna with great success is the Sagra del Tartufo of Pineta, which takes place at the historic Pinewood Class. An appointment entered fully in the list of events of the Ravenna tradition, both for ‘longevity’ of the event, both for the peculiarities of the celebrated product. The pinewood truffle, is considered to be a valuable and distinctive ‘fruit’ areas near Ravenna. focal point of the event is the park’s May Day, which as is traditional, will propose a series of initiatives closely linked to the product ‘Prince’ of the party, ie, the truffle. It will be possible for everyone to enjoy delicious dishes, made from pine wood truffles at the food stands, traditional specialties will be accompanied by wines from the Romagna region. The program also includes the last week of March and in early April, the tastings with professional chefs and markets with local products, exhibitions, guided tours in the pine forest curated by expert truffle, non-competitive sport competitions, mountain -bike, traditional games, archery, and even demonstration tests and tests with trained dogs.

A special occasion to share with your family, children and friends, choosing to stay at the hotel Cervia, offering very attractive prices while respecting the best quality of services. The Family Hotel Cervia, is a real family hotel, which also houses children and couples who decide to book a stay based on relaxation and wellness. Those who choose the all-inclusive hotel is the ultimate in savings and authenticity thanks to the dishes every day are brought to the table, able to discover to all the guests the delicious flavors of Romagna. The 3-star hotel is very comfortable and enjoys the best hospitality, younger guests can spend their holiday tailored to the hotel for kids too, including games and fun!

08 - Mar - 2017

Horse of the Sea


Every year in Cervia is staged the event at Horse of the Sea, hosted by Fantini Club, dedicated to horse riding which is held in Spring and Fall. At the end of March it is expected the first event on the weekend designed for those who love horses and for those who want to discover the equestrian world. As with all editions, A Sea Horse is renewed every year and is an opportunity to enjoy horseback riding and hiking, with friends, with family, or in pairs or alone. The proposals are so many, including those for children, beginners and experts. Everyone is given the opportunity to admire splendid specimens and live an equestrian weekend by the sea. The event also includes performances and entertainment: horseback parades with majorettes, a show that part of the beach and to the historic center of Cervia, to start enjoying the beautiful sunny days waiting for the summer holidays in Cervia!

You also take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to immediately book a stay at Cervia, it will amaze in services but also in the price! Choose Family Hotel Cervia, great all-inclusive hotel that serves delicious dishes for every taste, cleanliness and friendliness, ideal for holidays in Cervia. The hotel by the sea is located in a strategic position, it is also comfortable and easy to get to, as hotels near the center. Ideal for couples, thanks to the hotel near the spa, they can plan a stay dedicated to wellness and relaxation. The family-friendly hotel is also convenient for those who want to have fun with the children, helping them to live a wonderful holiday full of adventure, because it is a hotel close to the parks, and especially the hotels near mirabilandia, allows quickly reach the most famous park, not only in Italy but also in Europe, thanks to its attractions.

01 - Mar - 2017

Enlightenment of March


Returns every year Enlightenment of March, the appointment after sunset, in the farmyards of country houses in various municipalities of the provinces of Ravenna, Forli, Ferrara and Bologna. The aim of the event is to create a real visibility to the art of cooking, with flavors that emphasize a style, as well as a membership identity. It ‘just the “Land of Romagna” to giving dignity to gastronomy “national”, about the philosophy of eating well and healthy eating. The March Enlightenment represent an extraordinary meeting with genuine dishes and frank, in the farmhouses that are home to the Culture of the Territory. Cappelletti, passatelli, piadina, donuts, trifle, are all dishes that are enhanced with passion in the world of taste and extraordinary insight. An event that has stopped time with her recipes related to the agricultural society.

an extraordinary opportunity to live with family and friends, or in pairs, the hotel Cervia. Choose to stay at the family hotel cervia, which offers many benefits, not only in price but also in services and comfort. The hotel cervia all inclusive, offers an attractive formula for all that free of any issue or concern, giving maximum comfort, relaxation, wellness and fun. The family-friendly hotel is ideal for everyone, even for children, as hotels near the beach and hotel by the beach served by all amenities. Couples can take advantage of the stay at the hotel near the spa, to experience a romantic holiday of physical and mental health, to resume in the best forces and purchase power. The hotel also offers children’s areas dedicated to the little ones to play in complete freedom and security, including the garden and the terrace. Those who choose to stay at the hotel pool, you can discover all the beauty of the rooftop pool and enjoy an unforgettable holiday to always carry in your heart!

22 - Feb - 2017

Aqua-Park Auai Auai



The Adriatic Coast is rich in parks, and in Ravenna is the Aqua-Park Auai Auai, an alternative to spend with the family, children and friends, a really full day of fun. The Park is located precisely in the seaside resort of Lido Adriano in a green area of about 4,000 square meters. You can go to the park from late May to early September. The property offers attraction for all, large and swimming pools, starting with the two water slides, a quick and a “panoramic”, passing through the wave pool and whirlpool suits both large and children alike. The area is equipped with sunbeds, parasols and deck chairs that are included in the ticket, also ideal for those who want to spend a relaxing day. The Waterpark is equipped with private parking and snack bar also has special agreements with the nearby restaurant The Birch and on request we also organize birthday parties and private evening parties. And there is even the animation, on the evenings of Tuesday and Thursday the park is transformed into a pleasant and cool meeting place with music and entertainment for all! A very addictive way to spend the summer holidays.

Booking at hotels near the parks, there are many opportunities for fun and relaxation for everyone, not to mention the pleasant adventures that can live outdoors and cycling tours for all those who love walking or sports. Another reason to book a hotel cervia living room, taking advantage of favorable prices and services tailored to the needs and expectations. The Family Cervia, is the solution for everyone, thanks also to the Hotel Cervia All Inclusive and children hotel formula for free. The hotel by the sea is the hotel near the city center that allows you to perform many activities both during the day and evening. Also couples looking for relaxation and well-being, can take advantage of your stay at ‘hotel near the Terme di Cervia to recharge body and mind healthy energy!

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