19 - Jul - 2017

Ferragosto in Cervia and Milano Marittima


Ferragosto in Cervia and Milano Marittima offers many opportunities for fun, for families, kids and couples. This is a very special time to discover the sand sculptures of the World Master of Sand Sculptures held from August 8th to 10th at the free beach but it is not the only event, in fact, in the morning of August 15, there is another Tradition: the landing of guests on the final day of Cervia, the beach loves the book, cultural review dedicated to reading. At 11 o’clock, the authors will sail on the beach at Grand Hotel Cervia to finish the event. If you want to discover all the other events on the Riviera Romagna, do not miss the special appointment of the Ferragosto of Rimini, which celebrates, like every year, with the event One Sea of Fire, special evening dedicated to the “Focus” . Flames, dances, shows and music will animate the beaches where there will also be local band concerts and local specialty tastings. But it will be a special Ferragosto also Riccione, Bellaria Igea Marina and Cesenatico!

Hurry up to book your Ferragosto at the Family Hotel Cervia, invite all your loved ones and friends, and do not miss a moment of holiday on the beautiful Riviera Romagna. In addition to being very welcoming, the family-friendly hotel offers the maximum savings with the special hotel formula for free children, and booking at the hotel near the parks, you can discover all the proposals of the most beautiful parks of the Romagna Riviera and live so many Adventures also in Mirabilandia. The 3-star hotel is a plus of quality services and comfort, and delights every day by bringing to the table a delicious sweet and savory breakfast to give everyone so much energy and energy! And if you take advantage of the all inclusive hotel formula, your vacation will truly be perfect: sun, sea, beach, entertainment, fun, relaxation and wellness await you in a truly fabulous setting!

12 - Jul - 2017

Soul Beaches


Like every year, the appointment to Ravenna with Soul Beaches arrives on a timely basis, this summer’s event with such good music as well as many food and wine products. The event that has long brewed in the heart of all Italian tourists but also foreigners, is held at the beaches of Ravenna until the end of July with concerts and shows, for the fun of all. Every year, Soul Beaches offer exhibitions of great international artists and every night one or more concerts will take place in Ravenna, particularly at Marina di Ravenna where most concerts will take place. But the show is not based solely on music as it will embrace all soul culture, including gastronomy with suggestions of soul food romagnolo, including re-elaborated typical recipes and special aperitifs. Online is available detailed and complete program of each evening. Find out the full program of the event and take part in the Soul Beaches with all your family and friends, and wait for the best offers and proposals from the hotel!

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06 - Jul - 2017

Flavor of Salt


There is a very popular event in Cervia that is renewed year after year and is Flavor of Salt, which keeps company to tourists who love the holiday during the month of September. The event allows many days to spend “white gold”, the precious Cervia hall, organizing meetings, cultural encounters, exhibitions, shows and markets. In this way the ancient tradition of the salt remake is renewed through the “burchiella” drawn along the canyons, from the salt pans to the warehouses. The revelation is very much felt at Cervia, through this event that turns into a festival full of many special moments to share with relatives and friends. We can not forget that salt is one of the most common ingredients on our table, while it was so rare and precious that it was therefore called “white gold”. During the event, typical local products will be available at the markets and the numerous gastronomic stands that each year mark the festival.

If you love the magic of the September holiday, you will also love the Flavor of Salt, this extraordinary event you will be able to attend if you book your stay at the Cervia Hotel. Choose the convenience of family hotel cervia, you will have the kind and friendly staff, many services and tailor made comfort, you will also double your savings with the special hotel formula for children free, or if you prefer, you can enjoy the maximum relaxation and well-being With the all inclusive hotel formula, and have no more thoughts. The 3-star hotel is the best choice for a holiday in Cervia, and it can also guide you in taste, offering every day delicious menus rich in flavor and tradition, but also menus tailor made for everyone, in fact to the hotel for children also Small guests have their dishes full of goodness, plus ample spaces to play and have fun!

28 - Jun - 2017

The dock and the Fish Market



From June to September, there are the Evenings with Cervia Fishermen, the dock and the Fish Market. The event will take place until mid-September and will take place in two different moments: an ever-changing cultural event that will include occasional meetings with fishermen in the fish industry, dialogue with fishermen, stories and anecdotes with the old fishermen of the navy Cerves, but also scattered readings of unpublished archive documents. At the same time, the other time of the evening will see the good fish cuisine. There will also be a gourmet booth under the market that will engage the same fishermen to cook and serve, a popular menu of fresh fish, mixed fried, mussels, served with water and vinose can be enjoyed directly on site. The purpose of the event is to promote the “local”, sustainable, and 100% product at Km0. The event is a major attraction for holidaymakers who are waiting for the weekly appointment with enthusiasm as well as being a significant and very original value added in the many summer activities of the seaside resort.

Take advantage of these special nights and book your stay at the Cervia Hotel right away to enjoy the best of your holiday and all the benefits of a tailored to your expectations. Even the 3-star hotel exceeds the quality of the flavors, every day the table is presented with the best of tradition and special menus for children and for all people with specific needs. The family-friendly hotel allows everyone to enjoy a dream holiday, not only value-for-money but also savings double hotel formula hotels and all inclusive hotels. Choose your holiday at the hotel near the beach, sunbathing every day, relaxing under the umbrella, water sports and lots of activities thanks to the animation service for both young and old.

20 - Jun - 2017

Looking for: Antiques and Collectibles


Back to Cervia Looking for: Antiques and Collectibles, throughout the summer, every Wednesday until August 30th. This is the most anticipated appointment for all the antique and collector lovers who can take advantage of a relaxing holiday in order to grow their passion. The appointment is renewed on time with proposals from antique dealers and collectors ready to arrive from all over Italy, but not only. Waiting for everyone, a very impressive journey between modernity, paper collections, furniture and antique paintings, numismatics and an infinite number of curious and rare objects, the ones that people are looking for the most. And there will also be space for vintage and all those items that have long since become sophisticated, and some are also very expensive because they have become inimitable and valuable in the past. The fun is to wander around looking for a deal, finding out a lot of retro items. Merits of the beautiful town that once again offers an “alternative” holiday to many people and especially of all ages!

You also find out how many things you can find at the Antiques and Collectibles Market and book your stay at the Cervia Hotel now. Choose the Hospitality and Convenience of Family Hotel Cervia, Relaxing At The Sun And Sea Of The Hotel Near The Beach: Sports, Entertainment, Games, Entertainment, Activities And More Just Await You At The Hotel Near The Sea! At the family-friendly hotel there is always a lot of joy and good humor, as well as the small children’s hotel, which also has small children’s facilities, playgrounds and lots of space for their activities. And if we want to talk about convenience, the 3-star Hotel Cervia boasts the best value for money thanks to the special hotel formula for free kids and all inclusive hotels for a truly all inclusive holiday!

14 - Jun - 2017

Country ‘n’ Giostra


Country ‘n’ Giostra is the summer event in Cervia, which in August allows you to get in the carousel, and to experience a unique and unforgettable fun. Country’n’Giostra is the Country event in a unique and fascinating location, La Giostra, immersed in the green of the Cervia Saline. The premise of the evening is really great: live music, the best DJs in Italy, quality food and drinks, not to say, will be the protagonists of this unforgettable event! The evening, as usual, begins at 6.30 pm with an aperitif at sunset, to go on with a dinner of grilled specialty and beer, to all will be offered a real rally of flavors. And you continue with live Country music and the one selected by DJs, a moment where energy bursts and you get everyone on the track, strictly in wood along with the best coutry dance schools, which for the occasion, Will come from all over Italy.

You can also go on the Giostra, and book your stay at the Cervia Hotel now, many discounts and best promotions await you at the family hotel cervia, to let you spend a great summer with your family, your loved ones and friends ! The children’s hotel has always hosted families from all over Italy and abroad, offering the best services, maximum comfort and the best value for money. The hotel near the beach is ideal for beach holidays, sunbathing, relaxing under the umbrella and lots of activities, including the favorite sports. The hotel with entertainment is great for kids and children, and every day is really a great party. Just choose to book your stay at the 3 star hotel, you will be welcomed as in a large family, full of expectations, and each day you can enjoy the best traditional dishes and many custom menus for all your needs!

07 - Jun - 2017

Cervia Natural Baby Fair


June goes on stage in the beautiful town of the Romagna Riviera, the Cervia Natural Baby Fair, the special festival dedicated to children and their families. Numerous guests will be present at the event, such as pediatricians, bookmakers, web professionals who are concerned with media pressure and the web forensics, illustrators and graphic designers. The Fair will also host researchers in psychology and music pedagogy, psychotherapists, experts in hypersensitivity in children, teachers, story-tellers, children’s stories and children’s books. For the little ones there will be plenty of workshops to attend with so many activities as well as a special relaxation area where moms can breastfeed and do so much to their little ones. Entrance is free for everyone and is a significant and important opportunity to experience an unforgettable experience to learn new things and to deepen many topics related to childhood. Join with your family at the Cervia Natural Baby Fair, as well as many exhibitors, you will also be able to attend the conferences and happily experience this experience with your family.

But to make this event even more special and enjoyable, book your stay at the Cervia Hotel and enjoy the hospitality of the family hotel Cervia, the family hotel that provides the best services and the ultimate in comfort at the lowest price for a Really good value for money. Save yourself with the special hotel formula for free kids, or choose the all inclusive hotel formula, and live the vacation without a doubt! The hotel near the sea offers you the opportunity to make beautiful walks and excursions, and always at the hotel near the beach, you can sunbathe, relax under the umbrella, do many activities on the beach, fun games and practice your own Favourite sport. The 3-star hotel is also against you in terms of flavors, with so many good dishes, designed for the needs of all, even for small guests!

31 - May - 2017

The Celestial Night


Like every year, the Romagna Riviera is preparing to celebrate The Celestial Night, in the wonderful month of June, which opens its doors to the summer, the sun, the warmth, the sea, the desire for fun but also to relax, pamper and being. And just like tradition, the Terme di Emilia Romagna celebrate the arrival of the beautiful season, with the new edition of the Celestial Night, a special wellness evening held in the spa resorts of the entire region in June. At the event are the thermal centers of Riccione, Rimini, Cervia, Ravenna and the famous spa resort Bagno di Romagna. During the evening you can access wellness and beauty treatments at really special prices, and since the Celestial Night, above all a great party, there will be entertainment and animation. The Celestial Night in Cervia, besides being in the Terme, also offers guided tours of the Saline di Cervia, wellness events on the beaches in Pinarella and Milano Marittima, concert at dawn and evenings in the thermal pool until late evening!

Also take part in the great event and book your stay at Cervia Hotel right away. With your family book the convenience and hospitality of the family Hotel Cervia, where you can feel immediately at ease and be truly welcomed as in a large family. Take advantage of all the discounts and promotions, with the special hotel free kids, and with what you save you can make your vacation even more beautiful and fun. If you book at the hotel near the parks, you have the opportunity to visit the most beautiful parks on the Riviera Romagna, and if you book at the hotel near mirabilandia, you can experience fantastic and unforgettable adventures to the most beautiful park not only from all over Italy All of Europe with attractions no. 1! Choose the quality of the hotel’s 3 star service, and take advantage of the hotel near the beach to do sports and activities for you and the kids!

24 - May - 2017

Gastronomic events and festivals June


There are so many gastronomic events and festivals June in the Romagna Riviera, now that the heat is going to explode and summer opens the doors to a lot of tourists, it really came to celebrate! Starting from the bridge on June 2nd, there is a long weekend that includes many unforgettable events. At Cervia, the Sagra della Cozza, at Borgo Marina, is on display, offering the great local gastronomic tradition, giving the space especially to mushroom recipes, to be enjoyed in the stands. And always in June is held the usual appointment of Borgomarina Vetrina di Romagna, a weekly summer market that proposes the best specialties of gastronomy and handicrafts of the territory, always in the Borgo Marina area in the center of Cervia. Those who love good wine will have to stop in Cesenatico to celebrate Romagna wines with Calici DiVini – Wine Tasting, 3 days to live in the historic center and at the canal harbor, among tastings of excellent local wines and many surprises. This is because the Romagna Riviera is not only beautiful, but it is so good!

Book your stay now at the Cervia Hotel and take advantage of all the promotions and offers that accompany you, along with your family and friends, in this hot summer sun, bad and fun! Do not miss any event, and choose to live it best thanks to the hospitality of the family hotel, the family cervia hotel that hosts you at home and makes you feel at ease, also thanks to the staff always available and always ready To welcome you with a smile. The 3-star hotel is really very comfortable, rich in so many services for everyone, and it also cuddles your palate with delicious and succulent menus that reflect the best of tradition, but the hotel for children, even small guests have available menus Personalized, so many games, lots of fun activities and lots of fun!

17 - May - 2017

The Finger Food Festival


The Finger Food Festival is a year-roundly anticipated event in the Romagna Riviera, which in the 2017 edition takes place for the first time at sea. Arrival at Marina di Ravenna is a festival that enhances the Italian and foreign excellence of street food and artisan beers, a world of new tastes and scents to enjoy in the marvelous marina’s piazza. A great party to share with all your friends, family, children, in a climate that will also be accompanied by so many musicians with great live shows and dj sets for three days where you can enjoy delicious regional specialties. An opportunity to wait for the summer lulled by the sea and loaded with the excellent music that is good for mood, along with the delicacies of taste. A festival for fine palates that will delight all the senses and will give joy to all those big and small at the end of May!

Book your stay now at Hotel Cervia, expect the best value for money and many offers every day! Family Hotel Cervia offers many services for both adults and children, and is ideal for spending a holiday in Cervia. The family hotel offers the special formula for saving free children’s hotels and Hotel Cervia All Inclusive to enjoy a vacation full of many expectations. The hotel near the sea is located in a strategic area, ideal for families, for couples looking for relaxation and wellness and for all young people. You can also easily and quickly reach the hotel near the center and start a holiday tailored to your needs! Not only that, the holiday is even more interesting at the hotel near the spa, for all those who want to get back in perfect shape. And fun doubles at the hotel near Mirabilandia to give everyone the chance to experience fantastic adventures to the most beautiful and famous park in Europe!

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